Lj., visual artist


Lj. is an emerging artist based in Miami, Florida. She has lived in various regions of Asia, Europe, California, and New York, where she became a self-taught artist who painted in her apartment in the city. She attempts to express abstract alien landscapes in most of her paintings, by presenting their unique and momental scenarios from "perceptions" like imagination. Her most frequent mediums are oil and watercolor on various surfaces.

Though her approach in the artwork looks abstract, her understanding of creativity and its philosophy is rather realistic -- She wants to bring delight by emphasizing colors and structures so her work would look classic. By making art, she encourages and illuminates the viewers to unfold their potentials. She expect the views to interpret the meaning behind the images to project into their own worlds, and to unlock and awaken the power of their subconsciousness to realize their dreams and positive goals.

Lj.'s paintings and photographs have been on view since 2019 in a few galleries in Manhattan, including 1stdibs gallery, and in major national art fairs in the USA. She is currently a candidate of the Rhode Islands School of Design (RISD) certificate program, Painting Studies.

Lj. is the owner and CEO of 917 Fine Arts Corp., an art business that provides exhibition gallery and advisory services. 917 Fine Arts Gallery specializes in contemporary art advisory and sales of Native American art and Latin American art.